Welad Rizk 3 has just been released, and it got us thinking: what if this iconic Egyptian film was recast with International actors? The original cast has become inseparable from their roles in our minds, but imagining a Hollywood twist adds a fun and exciting dimension. Let's dive into a creative recasting of Welad Rizk with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and see who could bring these beloved characters to life on the international stage.


Ahmed Ezz - Jason Statham

Ahmed Ezz is the mastermind behind everything, and we couldn't think of a better Hollywood actor to play his role than Jason Statham. Known for his sharp wit, tough demeanour, and action-packed roles, Statham would bring the perfect mix of intelligence and intensity to the character. His experience in films like "The Transporter" and "Fast & Furious" showcases his ability to portray a strategic, fearless leader, making him an ideal fit for the role of Ahmed Ezz.


Amr Youssef - Chris Hemsworth

Amr Youssef's character is stubborn and charismatic, and we couldn't think of a better Hollywood actor to play his role than Chris Hemsworth. Known for his charm, rugged good looks, and powerful performances, Hemsworth would bring the perfect blend of charisma and determination to the character. His roles in movies like "Thor" and "Extraction" highlight his ability to portray strong, headstrong characters with a magnetic presence, making him an ideal fit for Amr Youssef's role.


 Asser Yassin - Jason Momoa

Asser Yassin's character is the rebellious one in the movie, and Jason Momoa is the perfect Hollywood actor to take on this role. Momoa, known for his fierce independence in "Aquaman" and "Game of Thrones," would bring the right mix of intensity and defiance. His commanding presence and rebellious spirit align perfectly with Asser Yassin's character.


Nesrine Amin - Emma Stone

Nesrine Amin is the love interest of Ahmed Ezz's mastermind character, and Emma Stone would perfectly fit this role. Known for her charm and depth in films like "La La Land" and "The Amazing Spider-Man," Stone would capture the intrigue and passion that Nesrine brings to the story.


⁠Sayed Ragab - Giancarlo Esposito

Sayed Ragab and Giancarlo Esposito share a similar vibe and physical appearance, which makes Esposito the perfect fit for this role. Known for his intense and commanding presence in "Breaking Bad" and "The Mandalorian," Esposito would bring the same depth to Sayed Ragab's character.


Karim Kassem - Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling's physical appearance is not exactly strikingly similar to Karim Qassim's, but he would be an ideal fit for the role. With his easygoing personality and knack for playing characters who go with the flow, Gosling would seamlessly step into Qassim's shoes.


⁠Mohamed Mamdouh - Dean Norris

Dean Norris is a great choice to play Mohamed Mamdouh. His physical resemblance to Mamdouh, combined with his strong, authoritative presence in roles like "Breaking Bad," makes him a perfect fit. He would effortlessly capture the essence of Mamdouh's character.