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With the news of season four coming out soon, we can’t stop thinking about Shahid’s El-Le3ba! The series revolves around Wassem and Mazo playing a game of different hilarious challenges to win a cash prize. The duo are classmates who have had a constant rivalry, and the mysterious game only makes them more competitive and hate-fueled. Check out our international comedian suggestions for some of El-Le3ba’s main characters!

1-     Wassem El-Suraiti (Seth Rogen)

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One of Egyptian actor Shiko’s most iconic characters is Wassem El-Suraiti, a cooky hotel manager loved by everyone around him. He tries his best to win the challenges, and most of the time, he does. Wassem El-Suraiti can be brought to Hollywood by the comedy star Seth Rogen, who masters all awkwardly funny characters.

2-     Mazo (Andy Samberg)

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Mazo is an adult who never matures and makes constant trouble with everyone around him. The character is harsh and never sugar-coats his words, even to his wife and kid. Throughout the series, he does everything he can to make the opposing team lose, but unfortunately, he doesn’t win as much as Wassem. We believe this bizarre immature character can be played by the iconic comedian Andy Samberg whom you might know from Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn 99.

3-     Gamel Gamal (Will Ferrell)

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Gamil may look gullible but is wise and has crazy life adventures that he always talks about, making him the go-to in times of trouble. As usual, Mohamed Tharwat made this character memorable with his absurd jokes and reactions. From the other side of the globe, undoubtedly one of the best comedians ever lived, Will Ferrell, could be the American Gamel Gamal!

4-     Shaimaa (Maya Rudolph)

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Shaimaa is an absolute drama queen with insane mood swings, and she constantly struggles in life, especially with her husband Mazo and child. The character is portrayed by Mai Kassab, who is the master of loud and bizarre characters. Maya Rudolph also has a knack for such characters in Hollywood works, and we think she would make the best Shaimaa!

5-     Esraa (Kathyrine Hahn)

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An annoyingly loving person and people-pleaser is Esraa, Wassem’s wife. She is fierce when needed but still carries a soft tone of voice. Merna Gamel brought the best out of this character in her incredible portrayal. However, for an imaginary American version, we think Kathryn Hahn, who has tons of iconic supporting comedy roles under her belt, should play the character of Esraa.