Voy! Voy! Voy! is now screening in cinemas and may be up for an Academy Award! This film, based on a true story, is receiving a lot of praise, and rightfully so. So, we decided to picture how this Oscar-worthy film might look with Hollywood celebrities as the main characters. Let the recasting games begin!

1- Hassan (Joaquin Phoenix)

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As usual, the seasoned actor Mohamed Farrag did an incredible job portraying this complex character. But we believe Joaquin Phoenix, most famously known for playing the Joker, could also pull off an intriguing version of Hassan!

2- Engy (Reese Witherspoon)

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Played by Nelly Karim, Hassan's love interest, Engy, was a minor but enjoyable character in the film. We can’t help but think the lovely Reese Witherspoon would be a perfect fit for the role of Engy in our reimagined version!

3- Captain Adel (Jon Favreau)

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Since he first started acting, Bayoumy Fouad has never failed to make us laugh. Yet, when he played the part of Captain Adel, he showed that he is capable of much more than simply humour! On the other side of the globe, Jon Favreau is an excellent choice for the part of a fraudulent football captain.

4- Saeed (Andrew Garfield)

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Taha Desouky is undoubtedly a genius when it comes to comedic performance, and he displayed that talent once again in this film. However, Andrew Garfield, star of the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy, also has the wit and personality necessary to portray the part of Saeed!

5- Amr Edra (Seth Rogen)

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Amgad El Haggar's performance as Amr was one of the most hilarious aspects of this brilliant film overall. Still, we can't help but see the comic legend Seth Rogan performing this role in an American version!