After its colossal Ramadani success of hit El Hashashin, we wondered what it would be like if Hollywood took a shot at the infamous assassins of the 11th century. This incredible historical drama starring Karim Abd El-Aziz has caused a justified buzz throughout the holy month, and a film project is in the making to keep up with the success!


1- Robert Downey Jr as Hassan El Sabah

New Oscar winner RDJ has both the charisma and the acting chops locked and bagged for such an immense performance, masterfully played by our superstar Karim Abd El-Aziz. Tony Stark may have been RDJ’s best-known role, but nobody knows if it’d stay that way if he portrays Hassan El Sabah! 


2- Pedro Pascal as Zeid Ibn Sayhoon

Mischievous, a powerful performer, and excellent in every way. The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal could definitely match Ahmed Eid’s incredible performance as El Sabah’s right hand. This could be his next project instead of the new Fantastic Four; someone should give Pascal a call!


3- Christian Bale as Barzak

Sami El Sheikh’s portrayal of El Sabah’s loyal servant is worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood actor. We believe Batman’s Christian Bale would undoubtedly bring his A-game to such a complex character. 


4- Chris Hemsworth as Omar el Khayam

Chris Hemsworth is handsome, dreamy, and has a natural smooth beard that matches the character’s! That job should only be passed down from Nicolas Mouawad to Thor himself. You can see it, too, can’t you? 


5- Lady Gaga as Alenar

Gaga has the poker face, the hair, the dark charisma, and the sheer evil for the role of Alenar. Who would best Suzan Negm El Din’s incredible performance better than the multitalented and our new Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga? 


6- Ana de Armas as Donia Zad

Donia Zas was innocent, beautiful, and broken. The stunning Ana de Armas has proved her worth with an astounding career thus far, making her our top choice to play Hassan El Sabah’s tormented and vengeful wife. 


7- Andrés de Fonollosa as Nezam El Molk

A brief yet powerful performance, as expected, by our very own Fathy Abd el Wahab. This great role would be perfect for Money Heist’s Berlin. Andrés de Fonollosa is a man of many talents and incredible charisma! 


8- Jonathan Bailey as Yehia

Ahmed Abdelwahab shone beyond belief as a young man infiltrating El Hashashin all the way to the top in an intriguing revenge quest. For that, Bridgerton’s alum Jonathan Bailey would do wonders with such a complex character!


9- Kit Harington as El Malik Shah

Forget Jon Snow; this could be the comeback we all need for Kit Harrington as the furious El Malik Shah seeking the destruction of Hassan El Sabah and his devoted followers. It is not to mention that he would rock that black cloak, and Game of Thrones fans already know why! Surely, Islam Gamal perfectly portrayed this character but we believe in Harrington too!


10- Jacob Elordi as Saad

Both are shining bright and at the top of their game regarding their young careers. This brief yet impactful role by Ahmed Ghozzi could be matched with Hollywood’s new sensation, Saltburn star Jacob Elordi.


11- Sydney Sweeney as Naaz

El Harifa’s star, Nour Ehab, has given up a great character arc during her incredible journey in El Hashashin. We have every confidence that Sydney Sweeney will not only match Nour’s blonde look but also her excellent performance.


12- Arón Piper as El Hussien 

His performance was brief, painful, and doesn’t leave your memory. Hassan Malik did justice to the character of El Sabah’s elder son, and we couldn’t think of a better recast than Elite’s alumnus Arón Piper. 


13- Emma Watson as Nourhan

Sara El Shamy played the heartbreaking role of Nourhan who was forced into slavery and prostitution. This complex character that went from innocent and cheerful to bitter and heartbroken can be portrayed perfectly by Harry Potter’s Emma Watson!