Since the debut of this year Ramadan's TV marathon, we have been flooded with over 30 shows competing for our undivided attention. With narratives spanning 30 episodes or condensed into 15-episode miniseries, it's a feast for the senses. However, amidst the excitement, some shows were delayed, leaving audiences wondering why. While these delays may dampen our initial excitement, they provide more watch-time opportunities. 

So, what's behind these postponements? Let's break down the shows that missed their Ramadan debut and explore the unfortunate events leading to that:


Amir El 3awamry

Picture this, the buzz is building, the posters are released, and the anticipation is building. But just when we thought we'd be diving into the world of Amir El 3awamry days before its release in Ramadan, the curtain drops. Why? Well, it turns out the show hit a speed bump in production. With filming commencing a mere three weeks before its premiere time, the tight schedule left the cast and crew racing against time.


Ethbat Nassab

Next on the delayed list is Ethbat Nassab, a series by Dorra, Sedky Sakhr, and Mahmoud Abdel-Moghnyi. Suddenly, it was announced that the makers decided to take the shocking decision of holding it off until after Ramadan. It's a strategic move that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting to binge the show upon its release.


Eswed Bahet

Sometimes, a setback can lead to a silver lining. Such is the case with Eswed Bahet, a series initially planned to join the Ramadan race. However, an unexpected injury to Sawsan Badr threw a wrench in the works, postponing it until after Eid El-Fitr. As per the show's producer, this delay is worth the wait. With three distinct stories packed with suspense, it promises to be a new and different type of drama.


Bedoun Mokabel

Bedoun Mokabel dropped out of the Ramadan season due to incomplete post-production and editing. Hany Ramzy sees this decision to wait as an opportunity for greater success, especially because he steps away from his comedic norm and delivers the gripping tale of a real-life hero.  


Gareemet Montasaf El Leil

Last but certainly not least, we have Gareemet Montasaf El Leil, a series associated with controversy since day one. Starring Rania Youssef, the show faced criticism for its seductive scenes and provocative themes, as assumed by the leaked photos of Rania's character, who's a belly dancer. However, Ahmed Abdel Aziz defended the series, emphasising its focus on a true crime story with the narrative centred on the murder of two university students.