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El Suffaara ended recently, and we had to say goodbye to all its bizarre characters, situations, and killer jokes. The main character, Sahfiq, frequently travelled in time to make minor changes in the past that ended up drastically affecting his present life and those of everyone around him.

Across the series, we witnessed him, his little brother, nemesis, lover, and mother become entirely different people following each time travel experience, and the results were hilarious! Today, we’d like to appreciate the many personalities of Wageeh (Taha Desouky), which we believe are iconic.

1-     The Extremely Happy Wageeh

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This one was the happiest of all Wageeh’s personalities, stating that he is living his best life in nearly every scene! He was the manager of Shafiq, who, in this life, was a renowned singer with millions of fans. Wageeh enjoyed everything that resulted from his big brother’s fame and money while it lasted.

2-     The Godfather Wageeh

When Shafiq decided to pass on his life’s work to Wageeh so that he could become successful instead of him, it turned Wageeh into a parody version of Marlon Brando’s Godfather! He developed a shady antique dealership business and became a man of power. He undoubtedly enjoyed this life but was constantly bothered by his brother’s existence — he even threw him in jail!

3-     The Street Gangster Wageeh

Creating rhyming sentences was the primary skill that Wageeh developed in this life! He was the assistant of Mahatma (Shafiq’s gang leader persona) and helped his brother remain a feared gangster for years. However, Shafiq’s personality ruined their lives to the point where all the characters were almost killed!

4-     The Modern-Parenting Guru Wageeh

In this life, Shafiq was the stepfather of three boys and needed all the help he could find, and that was Wageeh’s role! He portrayed the personality of a modern uncle who took positive parenting a bit too seriously, but unfortunately, the kids didn’t take him as seriously!

5-     The Depressed Wageeh

Shafiq thought that being satisfied with whatever life brings would improve his life, and he tested this theory to the extreme. Because of that, Wageeh married at his family home and lived a miserable life. This personality was brief but cracked us up with its dark-humour one-liners on life!