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With every year that passes, Ramadan becomes more and more commercialised. And these new and expensive ways of celebrating the month tend to overpower the traditional essence of Ramadan, making you forgetful of its presence — aside from the rumbling stomach of your fast.

It’s important to remember, though; Ramadan is the best time to repent and be by your family’s side. But with commercialised Ramadan having little spirit to make us appreciate and feel the holy month, we’re highlighting the change and recommending ways to stick to the month of reflection and community!

Commercial Spending Takes Over Ramadan

Lately, Ramadan feels like a way to conduct business rather than a month for piety. The TV season that used to be a bastion of relatable family content to distract you as you fast has rapidly transformed into a race for over-the-top drama and scandal to gather viewers and revenue.

The same can be said for the excessive TV ads. With the exception of a handful of ads raising awareness on charity houses, most commercials amount to dazzling set designs and star-studded actors promoting products and profitable organisations.

Fabricated Ramadan trends and activities have further diverted attention from the month of faith and values, such as the competitive bizarre dessert market and luxurious Iftar and Suhoor tents with lavish entertainment replacing the traditional kitchens serving authentic ful and tameya sandwiches.

Who said dining out at high-end food courts was a better use of Ramadan than indulging in simple meals at home with friends and family?

How to Better Appreciate the Islamic Holiday

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While it’s impossible to turn back the clock for ten years, we think Ramadan can still be saved. All it takes is a little effort to appreciate and respect the significance of the holy holiday, and there are many ways to do this!

Rather than enjoying the new tempting pleasures of extravagant tents, trendy clothes, overly expensive Suhoor, or the latest crazed dessert, engage with the true essence of the beautiful month. Capture the opportunities to set aside time to read the Quran, perform good deeds, savour traditional food, and get closer to your friends and families.

Don’t let the month go by without making the most of its spiritual and traditional beauty!