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We know what you’re thinking: why would we reimagine a hit Egyptian show with an American cast? Well, the answer is simple. We would love to see our shows adapted by Hollywood superstars, and that’s what we’re aiming for!

El Beit Beity gained so much buzz the minute it was released, so let’s dig into the recasting suggestions.

Penn Badgley – Karakeery

A tough life, coming from a lower class, Karakeery is trying to get enough money to support himself and his little family until he meets his new best friend in a haunted palace. Penn Badgley is definitely the one for this role.

Miles Teller – Beeno

Beeno is rich, spoiled, and irritating, with a big heart that forgives and forgets. Who other than Miles Teller would be suitable for this role? We think no one!

Aubrey Plaza – Ahlam

Ahlam is a strong, confident, and independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. We couldn’t think of anyone who could bring this character to life except Aubrey Plaza. 

Nicholas Hoult – Karim

You’d find Karim extremely annoying and obnoxious even with his family, and that’s why we think that the only one who could portray such a character is Nicholas Hoult!

Nick Offerman – Abdeen

Abdeen is a surprisingly helpful and pleasant ghost, yet he has a dark side that no one knows. Nick Offerman is the only actor with the face and talent that could be the perfect Abdeen.