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With life’s events becoming more difficult to bear with each new day, people sometimes choose to daydream, creating fake scenarios in their heads to escape the uncomfortable reality of life.

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With that in mind, someone Tweeted that they do just that and prefer being delusional than realistic to get through the days. This gave the TikTok slang term “delulu” a new atmosphere to bloom in the replies. While this slang word was initially used to poke fun at delusional fans who thought they would end up with their celebrity crush in real life, it is now seen in a new light. Let us share the Tweets with you!

While the word delusional, more casually known now as “delulu”, in this reply is not commonly considered a good trait, it is now becoming the new cool and even described as the key to life!

This Tweet brings a new perspective to the equation: creating fake scenarios or recalling happy memories? This Twitter user still stands by her happy days instead of creating ones that don’t and might never see the light of day!

As many repliers nodded their heads to the mind’s making of fake situations, someone stated sadly that, even his mock scenarios aren’t so happy, his reality is better! We guess being “delulu” is not the answer for everyone!