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Being on the cusp of Ramadan and its many family gatherings, we will all undoubtedly be eating lots of mahshi (stuffed vegetables)! It is one of Egypt’s most popular foods that can be prepared in various ways. This raises the question, which type of mahshi do Egyptians prefer most? Well, let us share these poll-like Tweets with you, so we can figure out what the superior mahshi is from the replies!

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This Twitter user asked the question we raised, following with a leading question, “why is it kromb (stuffed cabbage rolls)?” in the same tweet, making us well aware of which mahshi team she roots for before the repliers had a chance to settle the debate. Nonetheless, read on to find out what Twitter users had to say about which mahshi comes on top as the winner!

Many agreed that mahshi kromb takes the cake and shared their dislike for other forms. But then, fans of warek enab (stuffed grape leaves) joined the Twitter thread. Several replies rooted for this latter type of Labanese mahshi, believing it to be the most authentic and delicious to exist!

Among the replies, the mahshi kousa (stuffed zucchini) devotees competed against the other two fan groups but, unfortunately, weren’t a majority. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as zucchini-related foods tend never to show on the top of the popular Egyptian food charts, and no one knows why!

Finally, several other users begged to differ and argued that mahshi fel fel (stuffed pepper) should be higher on the ranking, but it seems that this was an unpopular opinion. Therefore, the Twitter results reveal a tie between kromb and warek enab, with mahshi kousa coming in strong in third place!