via The Sleek Magazine

Lately, many fast-fashion brands are showcasing their newest collections with strange modelling pictures that make it difficult for us to take a good look at the clothing items we want to purchase. It is understandable that the photographs are made to look artistic and trendy, but isn’t the sole purpose of modelling to show the product in the best way? Let us share our frustration through this Tweet about bizarre posing for a dress!

via Twitter

A Twitter gal shared a screenshot from a brand’s website that showed an extremely hazy representation of a dress. In the static picture, the model is actually running away; you can barely see one angle of the dress besides its colour and length. The user captioned the screenshot, asking the model to slow down as she wanted to see the dress!

The screenshot and caption encouraged more jokes. Someone replied with a cynical piece of advice: the user should try and catch the model to complete the purchase before the dress price goes up!

Someone else jokingly responded that the model reminds her of herself in clothing stores, trying to run away from the salesperson to avoid overbuying or making spontaneous, unnecessary purchases. We all have been in such situations where we bought things we don’t need or even want, but the salesperson made it look too appealing to resist!