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For decades, Egyptian handymen (Sany3ya) have been saying the same things repeatedly whenever they come to fix anything in a house. They are always busy and make you feel privileged that they are doing work for you—even if they don’t have that much work to do in the first place! They’re also famous for their tardiness; if you call them to come at 1 PM, you can expect them to show up around dinner time! That being said, we found this Tweet and its replies regarding the struggles with Sany3a so relatable. Read this hilarious Twitter thread with us!

The thread started with one girl tweeting that every handyman she comes across in Egypt tells her that he is losing money because of the work she has engaged them for and that he is only doing the job for her as a favour. However, we all know that this is far from the case, and that they are not really doing us any favours with their attitudes or constant tardiness. The banter gets on our nerves, for sure, but we do need them!

Another Twitter user replied that handymen additionally always brag about previous fancy work they have completed for high-profile customers in the city, even though no one asked. Somehow, they have also all worked in the New Capital for filthy rich people; they are basically trying to let you know that your quick and relatively cheap jobs for them to fix things around your house are a waste of their precious time. Rude or sloppy? We don’t know!

In another reply, someone pointed out that if a handyman is given money upfront, they will most likely disappear or come up with an excuse to delay the job—either a relative from passes or they get into an accident shortly after getting paid! We are not pointing fingers at anyone, but it sure is sus.

On a serious note, we would like to say that it’s best not to generalise; many of us have met decent handymen who showed up on time, did their best work and did not charge any extra hidden fees, and we would genuinely like to thank those hardworking ones!