Fifi Abdou is a cultural phenomenon and a living legend who has captivated audiences for decades. Fifi's energy delights audiences with her smile, effortless grace, and sheer force of personality. X users usually use her as a role model and say that she is a vibe!

X users always tell it how it is, and when it comes to Fifi Abdou, they all talk about her! Every time she is on a show with Somaya El Khashab, Twitter folks always have some kind of inexplainable beef with the two that we just live for. 

Some also said that her Instagram—or any social media Fifi has—is a national treasure because it is! Fifi Abdou is a vibe; she always has something to say in the cutest and most hilarious way possible. 

If you follow Fifi or have been watching her shows, know how much of an icon she is and love her, then you want to be like her at some point in your life: happy, lively and savage!