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With delivery options available for almost everything, we’ve all encountered many delivery couriers in our time. Sure, many of them manage to reach their assigned destinations without calling to ask for directions. Yet, a few delivery men will call to say things such as, “I see a lot of parked cars in front of me; where should I go?” These types of questions leave us trying to draw a mental portrait of the street we live in and drive us mad!


via Twitter

One Twitter user tweeted about this dilemma and stated that delivery men give us insufficient information about where they are. More specifically, the user said that, on calls, couriers tend to describe the first thing they see, such as trees or water dispensers, but not actual distinctive landmarks. Yes, sometimes we can be aware of the small details of our neighbourhoods, but what if they’re further away? It’s easy to get lost in Cairo, and we surely don’t know what the parked cars look like two streets away from our address!

Someone replied to the tweet with a hypothetical statement that a delivery man might say: “I passed the orange cat and her kittens; where do I go now?” We think it would be hilarious but not unthinkable for a courier to call and say that!

Surprisingly, someone quoted the tweet to say that they relate to the delivery couriers, as they, too, find it hard to describe where they are to their friends when they get lost. Honestly, it is stressful when we find ourselves off-track in an empty street and need to call someone for help.

On a serious note, we know that delivery men do the best they can to deliver packages and food on time without causing any inconvenience. And no one is fond of getting lost, right? It’s understandable, especially considering that Google Maps is sometimes misleading. Therefore, we can’t thank our couriers enough for running most of our errands for us, with unreliable GPS trackers and sometimes even bad weather!