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Many individuals seem to have trouble falling or staying asleep. It can be unsettling, even for those who willingly stay up late. Therefore, the Twitterverse has provided some memes on the subject so that you can laugh it off and remember that you are not alone.

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The popular X account True Memes has been posting a series of sleep-related memes that are both funny and relatable. In this one, you'll learn what it's like to start your day at 1 AM after promising you never would again. Do any of you night owls not recognise this feeling? The early morning job-goers vote yes!

A Safah El Giza series meme suggested the dysfunctional connection between an individual and their irregular sleeping habits. Again, this reminds all of us about our mutually destructive link to poor sleep and insomnia.

This meme provides proof that overthinking is a crucial contributor to sleeplessness. Referencing Safah El Giza again, it depicts us wondering how we got to this point after being up all night. Maybe we should sleep on it and think about it in the morning!

Last but not least, this doggo meme is a declaration for all those who are pretty disappointed with their lack of sleep.