Not long ago, Yasmine Abdel-Aziz and Ahmed El Awady, the much-loved couple in Egypt, split up. However, it seems that the divorced couple is still very much involved, since they have both made sincere remarks about one other. Yesterday, the reasons for the divorce were brought up during Yasmine Abdel-Aziz's interview with Esaad Younis on the Sahbet El Saada show.

Yasmine has expressed her undying love for El Awady and her inability to move on from their relationship. Surely, people are now reacting all over social media to her emotional remarks and tears. So, let us now share with you some tweets on Yasmine's trending interview.

Final exams are upon us and students just cannot resist exploring the grounds for the divorce of Yasmine Abdel-Aziz and Ahmed El Awady. So, instead of preparing for their exams, many students spent yesterday watching Yasmine's emotional talk on her ex-husband!

This interview was also triggering for many. If you're still hurting over the end of a wonderful relationship, Yasmine's comments probably hit a chord with you. To watch Egypt's beloved Yasmine Abdel-Aziz sobbing over her El Awady brought tears to many people!

Lastly, there are those who are eagerly anticipating the couple's get-together! Frankly, it would be logical, considering how often each of them admire one other on talk shows, even after the divorce!