Via Twitter

The English language has many words that are written differently than they’re pronounced, with the minor phonetic changes between them not being exactly noticeable. So, it can honestly get really confusing in a conversation!

However, sometimes the context of the conversation can help us understand the correct word …though sadly, this wasn’t the case for the following two students! So let us tell you what went on, according to the tweeter/storyteller’s account!

For context, the Egyptian Twitter user in question is an English teacher who encountered a hilarious situation in one of her classes. She was explaining the classroom rules that they should follow, one of them being to “respect your peers”. A student didn’t understand the meaning and decided to ask his classmate for clarification. Confidently, the latter answered that their teacher meant, “don’t bring pears to class”! We’re guessing that that could work as a classroom rule as well, right?

Someone replied to the tweet that this situation reminds her of a scene in the iconic El-Nazer movie; when Salah asked a student who killed Ali Beik El-Kebeer. The student answered that it was obviously not someone in their class! We can’t argue that his answer wasn’t correct.

On the other hand, another tweeter quoted this tweet with a screenshot of a chat between him and a friend. The friend thought that “peers” was the plural word of “beer”. This would definitely make sense in a bar if someone jokingly tells you to respect your beers!