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Twitter users are always quick to voice their unusual perspectives on current matters, often sparking heated debates or unanimous agreement. These tweets are never dull, though, because they reveal both the degrees to which others share your views and the extent to which they disagree.

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The popular creator Peter Kozman tweeted that he thinks Lotus Biscoff biscuits are overrated. While you might expect him to receive much flak for this opinion, most people agreed and applauded the Lux biscuits instead! Have a look at the Tweets to see what people said regarding the battle of the biscuits.

Someone who isn’t a fan of Peter’s opinion went on record to say, “Peter woke up today and chose violence.” We’re guessing this user will go to any lengths to protect their beloved biscuits.

Feeling the need to defend Lotus Biscuits, another respondent stated that the brand should make judgements about its eaters rather than the other way around.

However, many found that the sweetness of Biscoff biscuits is too much and reported preferring Lux Biscuits. One of the Lux devotees is represented here in this thought-provoking response: perhaps Lux should become more widely available as a flavour at dessert shops like Lotus!