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We thought January weather was the final freezing stage, but February’s proved us all wrong. Instead, the weather gets colder, windier, and occasionally rainier by the day, making it impossible to wear enough layers to keep warm or at least to the degree that you’re not shivering! While we would love to stay in the comfort and blankets of our homes, we always need to step out of the house to run errands.

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So, the question remains: how many layers should we wear not to be extremely cold? This is a question one Twitter user raised; allow us to share the answers and replies with you.

One user replied in detail that they wear two pants, two high-neck tops — we are guessing, pullovers —and a heavy winter coat. We think they are good to go and face the world!

Between multiple answers saying two to four layers of clothing, someone stated that they wear six layers. Indeed, this number is understandable for this weather, but it may be challenging to move around with so many clothes on! We hope the Twitter user was at least feeling warm.

Our favourite reply to this Tweet, which we wish we could all somehow apply to our lives, was by one user who suggested, “don’t go out”! While it is the ultimate solution to this weather, it is the hardest to implement.