Everyone has their own opinion on the Blind Date Show episode involving Ahmed and Hadia Ghaleb, and everyone has their own theory about their personalities and viewpoints. Social media users began to examine and even make fun of this particular episode. Undoubtedly, X/Twitter brings a whole new level of diversity of opinion and humor! Take a look at the different perspectives expressed in those tweets.

Many Twitter users expressed their joy with the episode as a whole, without offering any thoughts or evaluations regarding their personalities.


Now, an example of a tweet from Team Hadia would be this one. There are those who think Hadia was kind and polite to her date. Additionally, her irritation began to build only after Ahmed attempted to persuade her that cheating is not a habit but a behavior that can be changed.

One of Ahmed's supporters tweeted about how mature he is, how he has a clear idea of what he wants from a life partner, and how he is the most mature guest in the show's history!

Finally, there are those who are sick and tired of seeing opposing opinions and would rather that this trend ends now!