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Valentine’s Day was just here, and many couples celebrated their love with special dates and adorable gifts. The most common and supposedly the simplest of gifts is a bouquet of pretty red flowers; it’s even a more popular gift choice than chocolates. But how much is a modest flower bouquet now? We know it’s too pricey to be labelled a ‘simple’ gift!

Some fine flower shops in Egypt made offers and instalment plans to help you to pay for a bouquet. Thoughtful? Maybe. However, it may pose such a big commitment that it will ultimately raise its ugly head whenever you are in conflict or on bad terms with your partner during the instalment period!

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On that note, a Twitter user shared a meme of two people sitting: one is starting a big fight over things their partner is doing wrong, and the other is trying to keep calm, thinking about the V-Day instalment they are still paying for. Jokingly, under this context, this is when you should put your ego aside and apologise to your partner immediately!

Many likes and retweets followed this hilarious meme, with one user cynically implying that as a single person, this is the kind of couple problem that one can take pride in relating to. But, unironically, with these prices, it seems like a win for those who are not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day! If you don’t believe us, check out the following replying Tweet.

Someone else quoted the Tweet with a screenshot of an Egyptian online business offering a simple-looking bouquet of 250 red roses for more than 17 thousand EGP! Well, if you are fixated on getting a fancy present for your girl, we think it would be more thoughtful to get her a gift that she genuinely needs with this amount of money. And if you are single, be more thankful that you are not stuck in this dilemma!