As Eid al-Fitr has arrived, Twitter is buzzing with excitement as users talk about one trending topic, which is Eid’s tradition that stands out “Eideya” – a symbolic gesture of love, generosity, and blessings exchanged between family and friends during Eid celebrations. However, we always tend to make jokes about everything, and this Eid, it's the Eideya we are poking fun at!

Some people are joking that they simply don’t have a significant other to give them the Eideya or that they would be sitting in the circle of their baby cousins to get their own Eideya because no one’s too old for Eideya, especially kids who became adults overnight. 

Since we have the new option of Instapay or Vodafone cash, people suggest you leave them the Eideya by simply sending them money on one of these apps. Or even some people’s worst nightmare, which is the beginning of an era: the youngsters who became adults give out Eideya… very unlikely!

And obviously, their biggest request is for more money! Most X users simply demand more money because of the current economic situation and because they didn’t grow old enough to miss out on Eideya. Also, Eideya needs to include more money, maybe a loan!