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It's no surprise that a viral Facebook post would soon find its way to other platforms like Twitter. Someone shared a photo to show that they paid 5 EGP for a 3-EGP microbus ride and mistakenly received a 2 EUR coin in return. We get why this photo is so viral; the person went from having two Egyptian pounds to having nearly 70!

via Twitter

We don’t know what else to say other than that it must have been the funniest and luckiest day of that person’s life! Let us show you the Tweets and the stories people have shared on the same topic.

Between the several likes and replies of laughter, one user considered how terrible it must be for the person who accidentally gave away two euros to the driver of a public transport vehicle, given the current exchange rate of the Euro to the Egyptian Pound.

Someone else uploaded a photo of the five-Mexican-peso coin they received as change on a microbus!

Lastly, a third X user recalled the time their sibling was handed 10 Russian Rubles instead of a half Egyptian pound coin. Based on these replies, we reckon that a person who often uses public transportation can start a coin collection!