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College life is never a piece of cake and undoubtedly comes with much stress and many sleepless nights. It has nothing to do with your major or how good of a student you are; it’s meant to be an uphill battle! And whether you are a college student now or a former one, we have all struggled with having final exams, midterms, assignments, or important lectures during Ramadan.

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On the topic of college life, the Faculty of Medicine at Benha University created a Twitter thread that went viral, asking students to describe their college life with one meme. And the replies were hilarious!

Sometimes we are too lazy to attend lectures, but we never know we compare to others until we ask our friends, and they hit us with the truth! This is exactly the comic situation depicted in this screenshot.

Typically, some students in the exam hall cover their answer sheets with one hand to hide their answers from the nearby students. However, according to this meme, students are protective of their exam papers because they don’t want people to laugh at their poor answers!

When studying, we occasionally encounter a chapter we can’t fully grasp and turn to our friends for clarification. But what if your friend also doesn’t get it or isn’t interested in wrapping their head around the material? Sadly, this is when rote learning is the only option!

Lastly, one Twitter user shared a meme from WATCH IT’s Balto, the show that gave us many funny lines that are a meme goldmine! And this scene is definitely one to describe college life.