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Because May is Mental Health Awareness Month, everyone is working to dispel myths and prejudices about mental illness and therapy. On a lighter note, one Twitter user had an interesting question concerning therapists, wondering whether they see their own therapists during times of stress. Of course, Twitter users chimed in with jokes and more questions to help us figure it out!

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Many repliers assumed yes, when therapists are not feeling mentally stable, they, too, seek help in a therapy clinic. Someone did, however, say that they most certainly do, as they likely have friends who are therapists and can provide them with free sessions! We shouldn’t dismiss something free, should we?

Referencing Abyusif’s latest track, someone replied that the rapper mentioned in a verse that therapists indeed go to therapy and that we must take the rap legend’s word for it. Frankly, if Abyusif says it, no arguments should be made!

On another note, one user posed a similar yet creative question, wondering if barbers get their hair trimmed and styled by themselves or if they visit a fellow barber instead. We have to admit; we are curious too!