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The long Eid vacation is behind us, and we are back to our everyday lives. Yet we are still struggling with our sleep schedule! Ramadan got us accustomed to staying up late, now making it hard to head to bed before sunrise. That said, let us share some relatable Tweets about this dilemma!

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A Twitter meme account shared a picture of the actor Mohamed Mahmoud looking tired with edited dark circles under his eyes. In the photo, the actor is edited talking to the birds, wondering why they are tweeting already when he still hasn’t fallen asleep! When you are not a night owl, it is a bizarre moment when you are up late and hear birds chirping.

In the replies, one user jokingly stated that staying up late is fine since it’s only the seventh day of Eid. Surely, this is a joke that is old as time. Eid is a three-day holiday, but we keep counting extra days until it no longer makes sense!

Someone else replied that this meme also applies to the situation when we stay up late binge-watching our favourite TV shows and do not keep track of time or think about tomorrow’s responsibilities!

Finally, one user replied with another meme indicating that she still looked tired after eight hours of sleep. Unfortunately, fixing sleep cycles takes time!