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Everyone has been listening to Egyptian rap music, and for a few years now, it has become the most popular genre. With many changes in style and the rise of new artists almost every day, the rap scene has us all hooked! However, as much as the public is all over the beats and artists’ unique flows and delivery styles, some lyrics are not considered relatable to all Egyptians, especially those of different backgrounds and age groups. We’re not complaining, though; rap will always be on top of our playlists.

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But the hilarious blogger, Khaled Hossam, tweeted his thoughts on Egyptian rap music steering too much into street styles and thereby only relating to a specific audience. The blogger suggested a more chill and ‘homemade’ rap subgenre might be a plausible addition to the trap scene. Read on to see how the Twitter folks reacted to this idea!

Someone replied that such a genre would resemble a homemade pizza, which despite being tasty in its own way, never lives up to restaurants’ authentic doughs and crusts. We think this analogy is on point and sums up the dilemma perfectly!

On the other hand, someone else jokingly replied that the new subgenre should be work-related and lyricise transportation issues and exhaustion rather than being domicile and relaxing. He added to his tweet to say that the drill music icon, FL EX El Fa’dan, can be retitled FL EX El Fa’dan Lel Shaghaf (losing/missing passion) to add more realism to the subgenre! Well, it’s sadly true that everyone’s passion is fading because of work.

One Twitter user mentioned the parody YouTube show ‘Nesr El Scene’ and how Omda, who fought for street-style music, would react to such new melodies. As the tweet implies, we think it’s definitely a no for Omda and his trap-loving gang!