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There’s nothing like an authentic Egyptian cup of shai, complete with a glassy red brew and tea biscuits. Since the British people brought tea to Egypt in the 1600s, it has become a mainstay in Egyptian households. Loose leaf variations, Lipton and Shai El Arosa tea bags, and classic crystal cups have all been produced in Egypt specifically for the purpose of tea drinking.

With that being said, it is no surprise that glass cups are superior to enjoying a cup of tea aside from the standard to-go paper cup for a quick run. If you think you are the only one favouring glass cups over mugs, check out these Egyptian Tweets clamouring for a glass cup of tea!

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This Twitter gal shared that a glass cup is needed for drinking proper tea. She added that ceramic or granite mugs should only include hot drinks that contain milk. The replies all came per this opinion and shared more details on the matter.

One replier agreed that glass cups are admired for tea but added that they should come without a handle. We’re sure you all know the curved glass cups you have to hold from the top loosely; we think they’re perfect for hot tea, too, especially if it’s fresh mint flavoured!

The ideal-tea etiquette opinions didn’t stop there, with one Twitter user stressing that a mean cup of tea should be made with loose leaves, not tea bags. We won’t lie; it does come out thicker and better brewed, making it the G.O.A.T for true tea heads!

Lastly, one person retweeted that they are not lucky enough to have glass cups where they work. So as an engineer who works on sites, the user must drink tea from a glass jar. Unironically, it is the closest dishware to a glass cup, but we are sure it doesn’t give the same aromatic tea effect! So it's fair to say it's not our "cup of tea".