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 Here’s one thing you really need to know: our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man has an Egyptian version that we can’t help but love just as much…it’s El-Ragol El-Enab! Yes, you read it correctly!

Since we all know who Spider-man is and how he got to where he is now through a single bite of a radioactive spider in a lab, you need to know that Egypt’s very own El-Ragol El-Enab is a totally different person with a different story that is just as powerful. Ask any Egyptian about it…literally, try it!

Who is El-Ragol El-Enab?

Before he became the superhero we all know today, Asfour was an ordinary member of a band, trying to become famous. On his journey to fame and fortune, Asfour got into an accident with a scientist called Beram, who took it upon himself to take Asfour home to try to help him recover.

Being the scientist that he is, Beram gave Asfour a hibiscus drink (yes, the same drink Egyptians call Enab) to try to wake him up. However, the drink was accidentally mixed with a potion Beram made to turn people into superheroes...which was how El-Ragol El-Enab was born and how he started saving the people of Egypt from all harm. Talk about a friendly neighourhood Enab man, right?!

What would happen if all the Spideys fight El-Ragol El-Enab?

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We’re aware this already happened on the Egyptian cult classic, but just remember it for a second. After the serious fight, which not only included Spider-man and Asfour cleverly dissing each other, but also throwing some punches between them as audiences from America and Egypt watched, our beloved El-Ragol El-Enab won!

This just begs the question: What do you think might happen if Asfour fights all of the Spider-men from the many different universes? Although we obviously support Asfour, Peter Parker might be the REAL deal when it comes to saving people he loves.

However, Asfour wouldn’t disappoint us either with his superpowers of flying and fighting crime with his incredibly strong fists! Let’s face it, though, he’ll probably lose. Even through Asfour’s loss in this battle, we will still love him.