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With all twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory released on Netflix, we are reminded of how amusing the US sitcom is. If you aren’t familiar with the plot, the series revolves around four intelligent but socially awkward friends whose lives take an unusually wild turn when they meet the free-spirited Penny. If you plan to watch or rewatch the show, try to imagine the following Egyptian actors as the main characters!

1-     Sheldon Cooper (Ahmed El-Fishawy)

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The most intelligent of his group, Sheldon Cooper, is a theoretical physicist researching quantum mechanics and string theory. Although he is a genius with an eidetic memory and IQ of 187, he finds social situations difficult to grasp. We can’t imagine anyone other than Ahmed El-Fishawy to fill Jim Parson’s shoes and play this awkwardly brilliant character.

2-     Leonard Hofstadter (Karim Afifi)

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Leonard Hofstadter is Sheldon’s roommate and an experimental physicist who adores video games, comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, and his neighbour Penny. We believe Masrah Masr’s Karim Afifi could nail playing this loved role. It’s a rather unusual casting choice, we know, but the actor has a wide acting range that makes him capable of conquering this on-the-cooler-side-of-geeky character.

3-     Penny (Sarah Abdel-Rahman)

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Played by the adorable Kaley Cuoco, Penny is an aspiring actress living across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard. Later in the show, she gives up her dream of becoming a famous actress to pursue a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She also falls smitten with Leonard. We think the talented Sarah Abdel-Rahman could effortlessly portray the pretty yet quirky girl that positively impacts all her friends’ lives.

4-     Howard Wolowitz (Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz)

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Howard Wolowitz is an aerospace engineer unconventionally living with his mother. Unlike his friends, he doesn’t carry a PhD but is training as an astronaut and serving as a payload specialist. Howard imagines himself as a womaniser but later commits to dating one girl. We think Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz could equally shine at playing Simon Helberg’s role as Howard, the playboy gone romantic.

5-     Raj Koothrappali (Ali Rabee)

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Raj Koothrappali is a particle astrophysicist of Indian origin who suffers from an anxiety disorder that prevents him from talking to women without liquid courage. The character has a Yorkshire Terrier whom he dearly loves and dates women throughout the series to overcome his anxiety. The talented Ali Rabee lives to play such awkward roles, so we think he would be an ideal casting for the weirded friend in the group, originally depicted by Kunal Nayyar.