Ahmed Helmy posted a video that garnered over two million views in one day, featuring a young man who looked remarkably like him. The two were lip-syncing to a clip from the movie Dada Dodi, causing widespread speculation about the young man's identity. It was later revealed that the young man, Mohamed Helmy, is the son of Ahmed's late brother, Khaled Helmy, who passed away at the end of last year.

With that said, we can't help but take a closer look at other celebrity siblings and twins who have caused similar confusion.


Nour and Karim El Nabawy

Rising star Nour El Nabawy, known for his recent hits, has a twin brother, Karim. Both studied economics in France, but Nour left his studies to pursue a career in cinema and theatre while Karim completed his education. Their different career choices highlight their unique paths despite their identical looks.


Rania and Nourhan Mansour

Twins Rania and Nourhan Mansour have often caused a stir with their close resemblance at various events and festivals. Rania began her career in advertisements and music videos before venturing into acting with the film Shabab Fi El Mamnou3. Nourhan, on the other hand, participated in the play Lokanda and Embratoreyet Meem.


Khaled Anwar and Siblings

Khaled Anwar quickly rose to fame and played significant roles in successful shows. Despite his family's low profile, his younger sister's debut in acting and another brother's birthday photo caused a social media frenzy due to their striking resemblance.


Amr and Ayman Abdel Galil

Amr Abdel Galil, an accomplished actor, has a twin brother, Ayman, known for his religious teachings on TikTok. The similarity between the two has often caused confusion among their followers. Despite their differing paths, Amr and Ayman share a deep mutual respect. Amr humorously recalls how their father could never tell them apart, which Amr exploited by stealing his brother's allowance.


Tamer and Wael Farag

The first appearance of Tamer and Wael Farag together was at a movie premiere, which caused a buzz among the audience. The Farag brothers often joke about how people, even those close to them, confuse them due to their striking similarity. A few key differences might help those still puzzled: Wael has a longer face, while Tamer keeps his hair longer and straighter, with a connected beard and mustache. Both were involved in the show El Anesa Farah, where Tamer starred in the series and Wael directed it.


Emad and Abdelrahman Hamdy

Emad Hamdy, a celebrated actor since 1945, had a twin brother, Abdelrahman, who initially entered the acting scene but chose a career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instead. Their physical similarity led to many pranks and mix-ups, including a long-standing myth that Emad, not Abdelrahman, appeared in the film Aida alongside Umm Khulthum. Emad's deep bond with his brother was evident when he fell into severe depression after Abdelrahman's death.


Rami and Sami Malek

Rami Malek, renowned for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody, has an identical twin brother, Sami, a high school English teacher. The Malek twins grew up in Los Angeles as the sons of Egyptian immigrants. While Rami achieved global fame, Sami prefers a quieter life but remains a crucial part of his brother's support system, attending major award shows and celebrating Rami's achievements.