It saddens us to announce that Egyptian shaabi singer, Shaaban Abdelrehim, left our world earlier this morning. In his last hours, he fell sick and was transported to the Maadi Military Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Shaaban was hands down one of the closest singers to our hearts, and despite the growing popularity of other singers and genres nowadays, Shaaban has a special place for several reasons.

Here are 4 reasons why the icon was unique in so many ways:

#1: His outstanding, distinctive outfits

The spirit and taste of any artist is reflected in their wardrobe choices. Yet, when it comes to Shaaban Abdelrehim, the rules of fashion were different. Ever since his singing career began, Sha’bolla surprised his fans with his famed colourful suits and lots of patterns. His distinctive, bold look always stunned his fans and kept them wondering where he got his suits made?

#2: His famed signature melody

Most of Sha’bolla’s songs were distinguishable by a single melody and usually concluded with the same two-word ending, “Bas Khalas”. Listen to Habattal El Sagayer and you’ll relate.

#3: He was down to earth

Despite his great fame and his huge fanbase, the simplicity and humility in all the shaabi star’s TV interviews and concerts were pretty obvious. And that’s, of course, the main reason why he’s loved. 

#4: His catchy songs

His catchy hit songs garnered him massive success over the years. Not to mention that shaabi music is best known for hidden pearls of wisdom, and Abdelrehim’s music was nothing less. 

Sha’bolla’s last concert was at the Boulevard during the Riyadh Season, organised by the Saudi Entertainment Authority. The departed star was sitting in a wheelchair throughout the entire performance as he could not stand for long periods. 

We send his family condolences and pray that his soul will rest in peace.