Mohamed Ramadan was subjected to a new crisis after his concert in the North Coast because of wearing a transparent shirt on stage. Egyptian lawyer, Ayman Mahfouz, issued a warning against Hani Shaker, Head of the Musicians’ Syndicate, because of Ramdan’s concert.

Mahfouz pointed out that the syndicate has banned Mahrganat’s concert earlier this summer, questioning why the law was not enforced on Ramadan as well. He sarcastically said, “These laws would be enforced on any singer other than El Ostora.”

This is not the first time for Ramadan to be under fire. Mahfouz, along with another lawyer, Samir Sabry, previously sent a notice to Shaker after Ramadan’s debut performance. 

More complaints and questions were raised regarding the syndicate and the eligibility of Ramadan’s performance. However, the syndicate ensured that Ramadan had a temporary permit to sing. It’s worth mentioning that the syndicate gives two kinds of permits; a permanent and a temporary one.

The Musicians’ Syndicate is still silent even after an official warning was issued against it. This kind of raises suspicions as Shaker has previously expressed his anger at Ramadan’s habit of taking off his clothes in concerts and music videos. 

Some defended the Musicians’ Syndicate, saying that it’s not responsible for the artist’s look or style. On the other hand, others see that all these kinds of concerts, music videos, and songs are not suitable for Egyptian morals and ethics. So, what do you think?