Featured image via Ahmed El Hareedy

As we all are stuck at home, trying to get through the tedious curfew hours, we all resort to different means of entertainment. From Netflix binge-watching sessions to HouseParty video calls, we’re all trying to survive the boredom. However, three best friends invented a game (and potentially an online show) to kill their time as well as yours. 

But first, who are the three amigos? Their names will probably sound familiar to you. They’re the stand-up comedian and the YouTuber known for El Mowaten El Masry and Om Esraw2, and co-founder of The Comedy Bunch, Alaa El Sheikh; fellow co-founder of The Comedy Bunch, Ahmed El-Hareedy; and health and nutrition coach, Khaled Dewan.

As the lifelong friends spend an hour every day chatting over a Zoom meeting, they thought to themselves, “why not have more fun and play a game?” So, they went for the classic trivia game option, with their own twist of rules which they invented while filming the first trial episode. And with some simple, basic editing, Sa3et 7azr came to life.

El Sheikh published the 26-minute-long episode on his personal Facebook account, and it’s worth every second of your time. As it grabbed many of their friends’ attention, they went on to release the second episode, but this time, featuring the first guest and friend, Hashem El Masri. 

In the latest episode, the group also announced that soon they’ll be taking their mini-project to its own YouTube channel and Facebook page. Until then, El Sheikh will be posting new videos every Saturday night. So, watch what you missed, laugh your heads off, and stay tuned for the upcoming episode. And if you have any ideas for any improvements, the guys also mentioned they’re open to suggestions.