The global Coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the world as we know it. Even if it’s only temporary, we have all been forced to adapt and make changes in every aspect of our lives. And in an attempt to cope with the current situation themselves, Narrative Summit has taken a step towards “Reshaping Norms”.

Reshaping Norms is the name Narrative Summit has called its upcoming series of online talks. The videos, to be published on their social media platforms, will host various local and international professionals, discussing the impact of the outbreak on the future globally. Be it economically, socially, or technologically, what the world is going through at the moment is definitely going to reshape our lives for good.

“It is undeniable that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused global turmoil in a very short span of time,” said Lamia Kamel, founder and CEO of the PR consultancy firm, Corporate Communications Plus, and also the founder of Narrative Summit. “During Narrative Disruptors in 2019, it was predicted that digital transformation would take years to bring changes to everything and to reshape the face of Earth; however, this current crisis made us live these changes within weeks.”

In its previous four editions, Narrative Summit has had speakers talking about their predictions for the future shape of life and economy. That’s why they reached out to these experts to film videos about their predictions that came true faster than expected, and how some predictions are going to change with the new situation.

It's noteworthy that one of these speakers, who previously talked about the expected digital transformations, is our very own Waseem El Tanahi, CEO of Media Republic and Managing Director at Cairo Gossip and Cairo 360. 

The first episode of the series aired on April 21st and featured Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin, the United Nation’s Special Envoy on Financing the 2030 Agenda and Former Senior Vice President of the World Bank. In his talk, Dr Mohieldin tackled the economic fallout with respect to the future of SMEs, and how all this can lead to innovation in industrial fields.

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