Dear E-cigarette smokers, buckle up, because we have some not-so-pleasant news for you. It seems that you’ll need to take the bumpy road to quit smoking after all.

Earlier this week, Egyptian Member of Parliament (MP) Amal Rizk-Allah called to put an end to the trading of electronic cigarettes in the market. Rizk-Allah claims that many studies have proven that e-cigarettes are no different from normal cigarettes. It’s even been confirmed by the World Health Organization.

In fact, the first death case in the US, that’s thought to be a result of e-cigarettes, was announced a few days ago. According to BBC, a new lung disease has been discovered and is believed to be related to e-cigarettes. So far, around 193 potential cases have been discovered across 22 states.

The Egyptian MP demanded the Ministry of Foreign Trade to control the trade of e-cigarettes and ban importing them because of their health risks. E-cigarettes may actually lead to diabetes type II, insulin resistance, and even an increase in heart diseases or blood pressure, and more.

You’re probably wondering now, “does that involve vape as well?” Well, we don’t know yet. But could the shisha alternative be any different? Seems like you’ll need to come up with a new plan if you’re inclined towards quitting nicotine for good.