In the past few days, social media was turned upside down because of the Egyptian pilot who accused Mohamed Ramadan of being the reason behind his suspension. Did you miss the story? Here’s a recap.

It all started when Ramadan was travelling on a private jet and decided to take a video in the cockpit. Ramadan then posted the photo and the video on his official Instagram account, leading to the pilot’s sacking.

The pilot, Ashraf Abo El Yosr, clarified that the private jet did not have any separation between the cockpit and the aircraft cabin. He added that Ramadan entered the cockpit while the co-pilot was in the bathroom, asking him to take a picture for his son. The pilot agreed, but he said that Ramadan didn’t inform him he would be sharing it publicly.

Things escalated as Abo El Yosr attacked Ramadan in all newspapers and TV shows, accusing him of being the reason for the end of his distinguished career, which would have ended three and a half years later after reaching the pension age. The co-pilot received a one-year suspension. Additionally, Abo El Yosr called the Ministry of Aviation to review the punishment he received and to re-investigate the case.

Yesterday, Ramadan finally broke his silence as he posted a video on Instagram, explaining his side of the story. He said that he will not abandon the pilot and that he has already spoken to an airline company manager, who immediately agreed to hire Abo El Yosr. However, according to Ramadan, his assistant supposedly called the pilot, asking for his CV, but the pilot refused. He said that he did not want a job, but instead, wanted the money that he would have brought in during the three remaining working years. Not only that, but he also asked for the end of service benefits. The sum amounted to EGP 9.5 million.

Abo El Yosr immediately denied what Ramadan said, stressing on that he did not ask for any monetary compensation. He said that the reason why he rejected the job offer was that he has been permanently banned from practising aviation anywhere.