Last night, the 28th of October, Youssef El Kedwany, Maged El Kedwany's son, posted a video of his father, addressing his fans, on both Facebook and Instagram. In the video, the Egyptian actor denied having any social media presence and warned his fans from fake accounts.

"If there are any accounts under my name, please unfollow them as this is considered impersonation and I wouldn't accept that anyone would trick you whatsoever," El Kedwany said. "I love and respect you all so much and I love my country as well," he continued.

It's worth mentioning that El Kedwany is set to portray Pope Shenouda III in an upcoming TV series, named "Baba Al Arab".  Maged's started acting in the 90s and he's best known for his iconic roles in films like Harameya fi Thailand, Teer Inta, El Farah, El Asleyeen, Talq Senae'y, Hepta, and more.