Egyptian actor Karim Kassem just revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and publicly shared his story with the virus for the first time. Kassem posted a 13-minute long video, along with the hashtag #Corona_Isn’t_a_shame, on his social media, where he shared his full experience from day one until recovery. 

The actor honed in on the importance of immediate reporting and informing those who need to know if anyone starts showing symptoms. He said that there’s no shame in catching the virus and that patients should notify anyone who had contact with them. He also said that others shouldn’t make anyone who got infected feel left out or flawed because psychological health is just as important.

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As he clarified that he doesn’t know how he got the virus, Karim also made sure to point out that his case is not to be generalised because each person is different. However, he wanted to provide any useful information in case anyone could benefit from his personal experience. Kassem said that he received treatment at home and self-isolated himself. He advised those who have minimal symptoms to stay home in order not to take someone else’s place; however, if they feel a need for professional help, they should head to the hospital immediately.

Kassem then prayed for those who died from the virus and for their families, and he advised everyone to stick together throughout this hardship.