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A few days ago, Hisham Selim publicly revealed that his daughter, Noura, has gone through sex reassignment to become Nour. And it took the internet by storm. For the first time after this act of bravery from Selim, the veteran actor appeared with his son on DW’s Gaafar Talk and answered all the questions that might have crossed your mind.

The one hour heart to heart conversation was eye-opening to many. Nour explained what he’d been through throughout his life until the moment he decided to change genders. He even revealed that suicidal thoughts had crossed his mind, and that if he hadn’t done the reassignment, he would’ve committed suicide. 

Both father and son were asked about all aspects of this significant life decision, whether from a scientific perspective, a societal one, or a religious one. Nour made it clear that he’s not trying, or willing, to convince anyone whether this is right or wrong. All he wishes for is to finally lead a normal life, and hope to get acceptance just like he accepts everyone, despite their differences. He also considers himself lucky to have a supportive family.

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Nour’s main concern is to finally get a national ID that states his current gender. “For two years now and I haven’t been able to drive or work, or even go for a walk because I didn’t have an ID or a driver license,” Nour said. “I wasn’t a human being; neither Nour or Noura.”

His father also added that the past phase was challenging, but the upcoming one will be much harder, referring to the fact that Nour is probably going to struggle to find a job or earn others’ acceptance. 

The father and son relationship in this real-life story is all that really matters here. How Selim supports his son all the way is a true example of unconditional love. 

Watch the full episode below.