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Egyptian actresses Asmaa Galal and Hend Abdelhalim dropped the first look at what seems to be the fifth season of the hit series Hekayat Banat. As the popular series is renewed once again, it’s great news for its fanatics all over the country. We already knew about the fifth season, but still, after a major cast change, we all needed reassurance.

The video teases anticipating fans with snippets from the four main characters’ new lives post-graduation. It looks like Gamila’s wedding (that she decided to call off last minute), to a new love interest in Jaida’s life, and much more, leaving us at the edge of our seats.

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The show has always been a massive success ever since it first aired back in 2012. The cast change wasn’t even a new move. The first season starred Saba Mubarak, Dina El Sherbiny, Houria Farghali, and Reham Ayman, while in the second and third seasons, Nada Moussa and Ingy El Mokaddem replaced Farghaly and Ayman. However, in season five, all four lead actresses were changed, along with the storyline. 

Instead, the story followed the lives of Gamila, Jaida, Nour, and Ash, played by Galal, Abdelhalim, Myrna Noureldin, and Hager Ahmed. It did involve romantic drama like love triangles (lots of those), jealousy, and major crushes, but it was a completely different storyline from the first three seasons. The only thing in common was Thaer’s character, played by Ramsi Lehner, who, unfortunately, won’t be continuing the project for obvious reasons. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* His character was killed off at the end of season four. 

Just like season four, Hekayat Banat’s fifth instalment was written by Nihal Samaha, Marian Magdy, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and Ahmed Badr. The show, produced by Tarek El Ganainy and directed by Mostafa Abu Seif, is expected to air on ONTV but the release date remains unknown.

How excited are you?