Mohamed Ramadan drops another one of his famed songs, but this time with Inta Mea’llem’s Saad Lamjarred. Titled “Ensay”, the song leaves us with mixed emotions, and we’d have to say, we needed some popcorn for this eventful music video.

Let’s start with the opening scene with Mo Ramadan cooking, listening to La Vie En Rose. We’re not sure why Ramadan would include Edith Piaf in such a sticky situation, but anyway… He calls his girlfriend, she dodges the call, and BAM cheats on Mo. You better watch it, girl! Nobody cheats on El Ostoora and gets away with it! It took us a split-second to tell, but in the video, it seemed like forever. We’ve noticed that Ramadan likes adding a dramatic twist to his music videos. Anyhow, Saad then appears, and just like any loyal best friend, he cheers Mo up.

Huge stacks of money, bling-bling on fancy cars, and sitting in lavish bathtubs eating grapes like royalty. Well, we told you, nobody messes with El Ostoora and El Me’allem. They surely know how to get over you.

Other than the fact that the duo think they’re French Montana and Maluma, this wasn’t what caught our attention. Forget the lyrics, forget the massive production; it was one particular verse that made us grab that bowl of popcorn. Do we sniff some throw-shading in the house?

“De haga tegen tegen, lel nahar betren teren, and harmy el telephone w asebha teren teren teren”... Hmmm, rings a bell, right? Is Ramadan actually throwing shade at Abyusif? Well, it sounds like Abyu’s Msh Barod. So, should we expect another diss track as a comeback now? Oh boy, seeing a rap battle between “Number 1” and “Agmad Rapper fel Magarra” is definitely something. This is gold!