Who didn’t grow up watching 101 Dalmatians? We all did, and that’s probably the number one reason behind every kid’s love for puppies. But apart from the cute little puppies and the great cause behind the movie, we honestly loved Cruella de Vil. We mean she’s definitely one of Disney’s most iconic villains ever created and we’ve surely come to acknowledge that. So, hearing that the character’s finally getting the Maleficent-like moment, she deserves is great news! Not just that, award-winning actress Emma Stone gets to play the part! 

Disney revealed the first look for Stone in character, and it looks pretty intriguing. The film adaptation of the 1961 villain will actually be set in London’s punk rock era in the 70s. Hence, the black leather from head to toe, instead of Cruella’s signature fur coat.

The live-action, titled Cruella, starring Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Joel Fry, alongside Stone, is expected to hit the movie theatres in May 2021. It’s still a long way to go, but we’re super excited to see another childhood memory being revived. Hopefully, it wouldn’t disappoint us like The Lion King did.

We take our childhood movies way to seriously, so expect blunt criticism in the future.