Yesterday, a video of Dina El Sherbiny and Amr Diab dancing to his famed Amarein in Mykonos, Greece, three days after his concert there, went viral. The reason why it was trending this time was not the usual “aww, they look cute together!” No, it was for what Dina was wearing.

“How did Amr let her wear such a revealing outfit?” was the common question asked by many hateful commentators, while others just settled for bullying her, saying the nastiest comments ever.

Ever since these two love birds started dating, everyone has opened fire at them. First, people started listing reasons why El Hadaba should not be with her. Now, the comments on this video are the cherry on top of their hate.

Apparently, people thought (or still think) it’s their right to interfere with Amr and Dina’s “personal” life choices. Newsflash, it’s not! What Dina chooses to put on is a personal decision; it’s her own choice, not yours. When will people learn that?