Egypt’s delegation just broke a record in the 2019 African Games, garnering a total of 273 medals. The new record, consisting of 102 gold, 98 silver and 73 bronze medals, smashes the 240 medals the former titleholder Nigeria accumulated back in 2003.

The country’s previous best was back in 2015, where the delegation came home with 217 medals. This year, however, Egypt was lucky enough to beat all other countries with this groundbreaking achievement. Egypt’s runner up, Nigeria, earned 127 medals, while South Africa came in third, followed by Algeria and Morocco consecutively.

The 12th African Games took place in Morocco from the 18th to the 31st of August. 52 African countries participated in the tournament that plays an important role at qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Great job, Egypt! You made us proud!