If you Google the history of backpacks, something that almost all of us probably own, you’ll find plenty of debate on when they were invented. No articles state an earlier date than the 1910s, but believe it or not, the concept of a backpack actually dates back to Ancient Egypt, and the proof is in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum!

Remember the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ initiative to post daily VR and video tours around Egypt under the slogan “Experience Egypt from Home. Stay Home. Stay Safe”? The ministry has been sharing a new tour every day at 7 pm on its official website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Experience Egypt page). Over the weekend, the second guided video journey in the Egyptian Museum was released, and it unveiled the first backpack in history.

Featuring Egyptian tour guides Walid Al-Batouty and Fatma Abdala, the video presented a miniature statue of the porter, Niankh-Pepi. Also holding what is believed to be a lunchbox, the porter carries a 4,500-year-old wooden backpack. The weaving details on the basket-like pack were mindblowing; not to mention that the backpack’s lid was made of leopard skin.

A third video at the iconic museum was posted last night, featuring the Gold Collar of Psusennes I. Make sure to follow the ministry’s Facebook page and tune in to their brilliant virtual experiences.