Body shaming has been the talk of everyone for many years now. People would come out urging how crucial it is to stop the mean behaviour. Campaigns even came out to stop body shaming. And in light of the recent fat-shaming video by TV Host Reham Saeed, we definitely have a say.

After the national outrage about Saeed’s unacceptable attitude, the TV host posted another video on her Instagram account yesterday, apologising for the first viral video, and announcing her retirement. Everyone flipped after hearing the words Saeed said and demanded that her show get pulled off the air. After all, fat-shaming should not be tolerated whatsoever.

So, Reham kept on claiming that she was only trying to raise awareness about how being overweight is unhealthy. She kept saying that she was an obese woman herself, back in the days, which is why she’s doing this now.

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“I am always helping overweight people, always making programs for them to lose weight; I was only trying to help,” she said in her video.

Despite the repulsive way she said it, being overweight does have its downsides. It can lead to many health complications such as heart disease and strokes, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. However, there are still many other ways of saying that. But calling an overweight person an eyesore, that they’re a burden to their families and the country, and not caring how this might scar a person for life? Seriously? Well, that’s definitely not okay.

We don’t know about you, but we do not accept this apology. Plus, retiring again? We wonder if it’s for real this time.