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Almost every Egyptian crime show has a list of scenes that always happen with no creative twists whatsoever! Sadly, the highly anticipated The Eight is no different. This show has almost every cliché in the book as well as CGI scenes that are, honestly, more horrific rather than applaudable.

The series revolves around a cult of gangsters that Asser Yassin’s Adham (the name of every devoted special-forces agent, apparently) tries to hunt down as a retaliation for the death of his lover. In this article, we’ll tell you all the things that are wrong with The Eight!

Out-of-Egypt scenes

No one can have a crime TV show without restaurant scenes shot abroad, right? Well, apparently, that’s what The Eight believes, as it had five restaurant scenes in Paris and Italy in only two episodes!

Here’s the funny thing: One scene was shot in Italy’s Vapiano, so why didn’t the crew just go to the New Cairo branch? If they’d gone to New York, would they have filmed in Starbucks? The scenery was quite cool and well-captured, but ultimately unnecessary.

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The helicopter and mass shooting scenes

In the first scene, Adham and his partner take a helicopter to catch a criminal (and a member of The Eight) roaming in the desert. When he finds him, Adham jumps out of the helicopter and gets into the back of the van without a single scratch, fully energized to fight! Yes, we have never seen that before either!

In the mass shooting scene, the shooter only targets Adham’s lover and his sister, with the rest of the bullets hitting no one! But that’s not even the crazy part. Things get weirder when Adham approaches his dead girlfriend with a face devoid of emotion. Don’t special agents have feelings in that universe?

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Poor dialogue

In typical action scenes, dialogue is always short and snippy, with characters saying one or two lines before doing something cool. However, the lines in The Eight’s fight scenes and car chases were more funny than thrill-inducing!

For example, there was a scene in which Adham is holding a criminal on some building’s rooftop, with the latter screaming in fear. Our problem is that the criminal kept screaming for minutes even after Adham put him down! What is even funnier is that he was screaming like he was getting acupuncture from the grandfather in “Fol El-Sein El-Azeem”. It shouldn’t have been this funny.

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Ambiguous plotlines

For a solid 30 minutes during the first episode, we thought that Nasser (Khaled El-Sawy) was in love with Adham’s girlfriend, Sara. That was understandable because the former kept getting jealous over her while also staring at her from the window like a jilted lover. However, it turned out that what we saw was supposed to be an un-creepy father-daughter relationship. This surely taught you not to jump to conclusions!

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The Eight’s special treat: CGI scenes

In the show’s first two episodes, there are many flashbacks showing Nasser’s life and how he joined the cult.

Despite our talented Khaled El-Sawy ageing, the show-runner was adamant about showing him in the flashback scenes. The only answer to the dilemma was to, apparently, use CGI (very much like The Irishman) to de-age El-Sawy rather than hire a younger actor. Seeing the CGI-altered Khaled El-Sawy was a nightmare, though! It looked like a Snapchat filter that kept following El-Sawy’s face. Not even the actor’s words made it out of the filter’s confusion.

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