Death is not an easy concept to come to terms with, regardless of how close you are to that person. In other words, just the idea of someone departing the world we live in can trigger many painful emotions. This is why the news of Egyptian actor Talaat Zakaria’s passing was not taken easily. Not only was he a special comedian to many of his fans, but he was also a friend to so many Egyptian celebrities, who showed deep sadness and loving affection for Zakaria.

Zakaria acted alongside prominent actors and actresses, such as Adel Imam and Samir Ghanem. He also starred in many films such as Tabakh El Rayes, Harim Karim, and Sayed El A’atefy. Zakaria is known for being a smile maker due to his fantastic sense of humour and hilarious clumsiness.

Celebrities mourning his death took to social media to express their pain include Salah Abdullah, Ahmed El Sakka, Amir Karara, Rania Youssef, and Mohamed Heneidy.


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‫مع السلامة اخويا وصاحبي ربنا يرحمك برحمتة ⁧‫#طلعت_زكريا‬⁩‬

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البقاء والدوام لله الله يرحمك يا راجل يا طيب

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Head of Cinema Syndicate, Dr Ashraf Zaki, accompanied Zakaria’s coffin all the way to Alexandria, his hometown, where he’ll be buried.

Even the Ministry of Culture made a statement, saying that they lost someone who not only lightened the lives of many but also someone who “attracted the hearts of the public.”

If it’s one thing we know for sure, is that Talaat Zakaria’s passing won’t be processed easily. However, if it’s another thing we know better, it is that his humourous legacy will live on forever. Today, we won’t mourn over his death; instead, we’ll celebrate the life of a truly witty comedian.