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Although Tamer Hosny has been acting in movies for years, recently, he decided a change of pace was needed. So, what did he do? Of course, he wrote and directed his newest movie, Bahebak! The film was released during Eid Al-Adha and is still being screened today.

The story revolves around Aly (Tamer Hosny), who gets caught in a complex love triangle with Habiba (Hannah El-Zahed) and Yasmin (Huda El-Mufti). We will dig more into this story as we tell you about everything that is wrong with this movie!

The dialogue: A love letter from Tamer Hosny to himself

Almost the entirety of the dialogue in the movie is all about how funny, intelligent, caring and overall amazing Aly is. During the film, we see how much his friends, girlfriends, and coworkers are crazy about him, which is highly predictable as the movie was written by none other than the main character himself! Why would anyone do that?

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The unexplainable character development of Habiba

For more than 50 minutes of the movie’s runtime, Habiba is a clingy, overprotective, clumsy girl who is head over heels for her Aly. In their relationship, you can see her getting overly jealous and creating chaos that gets in the way of his job as a car dealership owner who, naturally, deals with many ladies.

However, when Aly’s ex-girlfriend, Yasmin, resurfaces in their lives and tries to get him back, Habiba is suddenly really chill, reasonable, and basically no longer crazy! Where did this maturity come from? Did she drink a character development elixir off camera?

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Decision-making at its worst!

Throughout the movie, Aly and the main characters face life-altering moments where they have to make important decisions. This results in the most useless pep talks ever and no decision-making whatsoever. Seriously, how are these problems getting solved?

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The ending scene

We appreciate an adorable romantic scene at the end of a romantic comedy, but that’s not what we got at the end of ‘Bahebak’! The way Aly told Habiba that he already chose her a long time ago was one of the most awkward scenes we have ever seen. Aly asked her to read her full name out loud from her ID card. Wondering why? Because her full name is Habiba Aly Omar Kamel, if you read it a bit differently, it basically reads as ‘Aly’s lover forever’. If this isn’t the most cringe-worthy thing you have ever heard, we don’t know what is!

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